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WASA Eagles FC

New multi-sport team

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The design is to play in fewer tournaments, practice less, and be more flexible than the “norm” with participation expectations – particularly for U11, U12, U13, and U14 (our experience is that there is typcially less conflict at U9 and U10).  The fee structue would be reduced too (ranging from $40 to $50 less than regular fees).  The basic approach is to embrace, rather than tolerate, multi-sport kids.  It enables them to explore other activities, while playing very competitive select soccer. 
If you are interested in this approach for your son or daughter, please e-mail club director Jeff Dybdahl at  with the following:  child's name, birthdate (day/month/year), and gender.
More on the pilot team
The U11 Silver Eagles, newly formed in Fall '07, represents a departure from most youth sports team models ... in that the basic concept was to support players participating in other sports.  This team is comprised of boys who also play hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse.  The team roster was expanded from 11 in the fall to 14 in the spring to allow for more anticipated conflicts.

U12 Silver - semi finalists at Corpus Christi (Cincinnati) Labor Day Tournament, Fall '08

U11 Silver - Champions of Spring '08 Club X Tournament in Xenia, B Div

U11 Silver - Champions MOSSL Fall '07 Tournament, Bronze Div