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WASA Eagles FC

Fall '09 Calendar

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Tentative but likely MOSSL Fall '09 game days

Monday: 14/15B, 11B, 13G

Tuesday:  12B, 11G, 10B – B, 9B – A, 9G –A, 9B –C/D/E

Wednesday:  14/15G, 13B, 10G – A, 9G – B/C, 9B – B

Thursday:  12G, 10B/C, 10B – D/E, 10G – B/C, 10B - A

Saturday:  14/15B, 13B, 14/15G, 13G, 12G, 12B, 11G, 11B

Sunday:  10B, 10G, 9B, 9G


B = boys, G = girls ... when immediately following the number

A, B, C, D, E following the hyphen = division/level of play within that age group

Reminder:  this is the MOSSL schedule ... due to the high demand for WASA field space, our home games may fall on different days.  MOSSL will finalize the schedule on 8/16/09.


Fall '09 Season Schedules

Will be available for coaches or team admins to pick up on Sun, Aug 16  & Mon, Aug17 – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at the MOSSL Ofc


Tentative but likely MOSSL tournament dates for Fall '09

October 17 & 18

U-9 Girls & U-10 Girls Tournament - Location TBD

U-9 Boys & U-10 Boys Tournament - Location TBD

October 24 & 25

U-11 & U-12 Girls Tournament - Location TBD.

U-11 & U-12 Boys Tournament – Location TBD.

October 31 & November 1

U-13 & U-14/15 Girls Tournament - Spindler Road Park

U-13 & U-14/15 Boys Tournament – Spindler Road Park

For the complete MOSSL calendar, click below: