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WASA Eagles FC

Winter options
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Indoor Soccer

Indoor is optional for our teams and the club is not involved in any way with the logistics of indoor for your team.  Therefore, your coach needs to decide if, when and where you will play.  Someone needs to volunteer to coordinate collection and payment of fees.  I recommend that fees are collected very soon, since large deposits are required to register teams.  We do not want any volunteer to be "stuck" by not receiving payments from others.  If your coach is a paid coach, please understand that the club does not pay for indoor coaching, since coaching fees are only collected for the fall and spring outdoor seasons.  Therefore, you will either have to gather additional funds from parents to pay your coach or make other arrangements for a coach for the indoor season.  If you decide to pay your coach, I suggest you have people pay the coaching fee amount at the same time the league fees are collected.  Thanks, Jeff Dybdahl.

More on indoor:  most teams will play the 2nd session (Jan-Mar) ... others will do 1st session (Oct-Dec) ... some may do both.  Check with your coach.  The cost is typically in the $60 to 70 range per session ... and is coordinated/paid for by a parent.  Please reimburse your team's parent volunteer promptly.  Thank you.  We have historically used the Sports Barn at Easton.  There is another NE Columbus facility that may be an option at some age levels ... All Stars at the Continent (Schrock Rd & Busch Blvd area).  Links for both are below:

Winter Training
Soccer PODS (portable on demand soccer) ... for more info, please contact:
Rob Smith
Director of Player Development
WASA Eagles FC
Juniors Program (ages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)   (also Rob's program)
Other great options available at:
SuperKick/TeamZone Training Center
409 Orangepoint Dr
Lewis Center, 43035