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WASA Eagles FC

Parent Survey

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Here is some parent feedback from the '06, '07, '08 seasons:  Comments from Parents
Survey Instructions
  • Please answer the 8 questions below.  There are 4 choices for each question:  rarely, sometimes, frequently, always.  Click on the answer that best describes your experience with the coach you are rating.
  • Please only submit 1 survey per coach on your team.
  • All of these responses go directly, and only, to Jeff Dybdahl (see Jeff's message below) ... all responses are anonymous, unless you choose otherwise. 
  • Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the well being of our kids!

1 - Coach encourages players
2 - Coach goes through a whole game/practice without degrading or discouraging players
3 - Coach is to be a role models for players
4 - Coach addresses the referees respectfully
5 - Coach treats other teamsí coaches, tournament officials, other teamsí parents, and any league officials with respect
6 - Coach avoids cursing / using profanity around players
7 - Coach keeps the parents well informed of the practice schedule, giving as much advance notice of practice times as possible
8 - Coach arrives at practices and games on time
Additional comments (optional)
Please list name of coach you are rating.
Please indicate age & gender of your team
Your name (optional)
If you want a reply from Jeff Dybdahl, please provide your e-mail address here.
Please checkmark box at right if we can share your comments on our website. Thank you!

Dear Parent,
This is very important -- the purpose of the survey is to make sure that our coaches are providing a safe, healthy, positive environment for our players.  This is not a place to give feedback about strategy, positioning, etc.  This is about our Code of Conduct and TNT Game Day documents found on the club background page.
I always require that parents take concerns directly to coaches before coming to me.  However, once per season, I will receive feedback through this survey.  I will do with this information what I believe to be appropriate.  I will give coaches an overview and if necessary talk about specific situations or issues.  Please respond even if all you have to say is positive. 
Your participation is very much appreciated!
Jeff Dybdahl

Thank you for your feedback! 
It is one of the keys ... to give our kids a positive experience.