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Open Goal Community Outreach
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Open Letter about Open Goal - 2009
Dear Friends,

In late 2004, "out of the blue", I was inspired to make the WASA Eagles
financially accessible to a group of young people who are passionate
about soccer, but whose families do not have the financial means to pay
for the costs that are required for a high quality select soccer
experience.  I am referring to the children of immigrants whose families
face very difficult financial challenges.  We have always had a goal of
doing whatever it takes to provide assistance to families in need.  I am
so glad that we have never had a player not play because they could not
afford it.  The challenge of many immigrant families created the need for
a special focus scholarship fund.  We call the scholarship fund Open
Goal, because we want the soccer goals of the children of immigrants to
be open to them without financial barriers. 

My own father was the child of an immigrant and I am thankful that the
way was open for him to succeed.  I hope many who are in a situation
similar to my father's can be helped by Open Goal. 

In the Spring of 2005, we had our first three Open Goal Players.  In the Spring of 2007 we saw the next phase of the dream come true.  We sponsored a team of all Hispanic immigrants.  In the Spring of 2008 we are sponsoring two all Hispanic immigrant teams ... plus helping other individual families.

I deeply appreciate the generosity of some individuals and the fund
raising efforts that have made Open Goal a reality.  You have helped
provide an unexpected and unforgettable experience for some very grateful
children and teens.  We will continue to rely on such generosity and
efforts.  For those who are interested, you are encouraged to participate
in the fund raisers or designate a gift to Open Goal.  For individuals or
companies that have an interest, gifts to Open Goal are tax deductible
and receipts are available to all who request them.

Jeff Dybdahl



Open Goal Partners:



For anyone interested in establishing a partnership w/ the WASA Eagles FC to support Open Goal, please contact Jeff Dybdahl at