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WASA Eagles FC

Training Session #1

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Training #1 Setting up a Session
  • **when players arrive they build into a short-sided game (ie first 2 players play 1v1 progressing to everyone involved 7v7). 
  • try to set up 5-10 minutes before scheduled start time.
  • Teach players how to set-up on their own, and encourage this each practice. (May take several sessions for players to get used to this concept, but I feel it has paid off once it gets going)
  • Older players (or sore, injured players) may want to stretch lightly before getting involved)
  • Parameters of field should stay small as players are not stretched out.
  • GREAT to let them play and you watch youll observe some interesting things!
  • Allows coach time to set up cones, equipment for training session, and promotes players getting to training early for some fun, game play.
  • Extend short-sided game 5 minutes after scheduled start time allows for a 5 minute grace period with late-comers, and for a unified, energetic bunch to begin training.
  • 15 minutes Skill Building introduce Coerver Square and skill related to training topic of the day.
  • 15 minutes Possession (keep-away) Game
  • 15 minutes Concept of the Day
  • 25 minutes small sided games (one team rests while 2 teams play 15 players=3 teams of 5)
  • 4 minute games
  • 15 minutes of 2 team game play
  •  5 minute Closing Activity and Cool Down
**Concept of the day will be accentuated during small-sided and team game play

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