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WASA Eagles FC

Understanding Soccer
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  • Kicking with both feet: inside, power and laces
  • Receiving on the ground with inside and outside of both feet
  • First touch away from defender with inside and outside of both feet
  • Heading straight on: with feet on ground and jumping up
  • Controlling ball out of the air to feet with chest, thighs, bottom of feet and laces
  • Volley pass, shot or clear with inside of feet and laces
  •  Dribbling: inside only (every step a dribble), outside only, inside outside combination (switching feet), speed dribbling using laces
  • Reverse moves (outside cut, step on, inside pull through)
  • Moves: scissors, step over, Cruyff, step over pull through
  • Lateral cut move with outside of foot to create space for pass or shot
  • Shielding position when winning and possessing the ball
  • Defensive position for containing
  • Tackling positioning and technique
  • Where every position marks defensively
  • Understand concept of recovering defensively at every position
  • Where every position moves on the attack
  • Understand concept of support from in front, the side and behind
  •  Where every position sets up on goal kicks at both ends of the field
  • Where every position sets up for corner kicks at both ends of the field
  • Where every position moves on offensive corner kicks 
  • Where every position sets up on free kicks offensively and defensively (including walls)
  •  Where balls are to be kicked on set plays for corner kicks and free kicks
  • Where the ball is to be kicked on our goal kicks
  • Throw-in technique and rules
  • Throw-in strategy (including runs)
  • Offside rules
  • Rules about direct kick fouls (including penalty kick rules cause of PK and set-up rules)
  • Rules about indirect kicks (including two touch before score)
  • Referee signals for direct and indirect kicks
  • Rules about ball position for out of bounds and goals
  • Kick-off rules and strategy
  • Communication when making run, covering the ball and attempting to win or possess the ball


  • Three ready positions
  • Catching low, medium and high balls
  • Low dives to the side
  • Low dive forward
  • High dives to the side
  • Punching with one or two hands
  • Placement of distribution
  • Positioning on corner kicks and free kicks
  • How to set a wall
  • Strategy for penalty kicks
  • Timing cues for breakaways
  • Communication for setting walls, defender marking and when going for ball




Thirds of the field Defensive 3rd (with our goal in it)
*  Collapse on goal all players move in closer to protect, particularly middle
*  No dribbling just possess/control and CLEAR
*  Once cleared, start to push up
Middle 3rd
*  Low to medium risk
*  Maintain control but can dribble more
*  Low, safe passes
Attacking 3rd (with their goal in it)
*  "GO FOR IT!"
*  Try those "new moves"
Offense vs. defense We don't have offensive or defensive "positions".  We have forwards, mids & backs if
  we have the ball, we're ALL on OFFENSE; if they have the ball, we're ALL on DEFENSE
Principles of Defense "The teams that win are teams that defend!", e.g., OSU Buckeyes
*  Pressure (1st Defender) Prevent penetration and/or dispossess
*  Get close, fast;  Get their heads down;  DON'T GIVE THEM TIME
*  Be careful w/ tackles 2 of 3 possible results are bad (win ball, miss it, foul)
*  Don't "dive" for the ball - try to strip ball, 1 foot in air, off balance, out of play!
    -  Keep feet on the ground.
*  Come in low (READY position) and angle them outwards
*  BUT, don't overrun the opponent if you do, you're effectively out of the battle
*  Contain/Delay Pressure, but less aggressive trying to slow them down until help arrives
*  Stay between 1st attacker and goal and slow their progress up the field
*  Particularly critical if you're last, or even next to last, defender
*  Cover (2nd Defender) Mark the man without the ball but be there as cover for your teammate who's pressuring
*  If 1st defender gets beat, it's your job to become 1st defender!
*  Don't chase the ball and abandon your position let 1st defender do his job
*  Balance (3rd Defender) Watches ALL of non-ball side of field and opponents on that side
*  Mark everybody/everything "off" ball
*  Can move instantly into Cover, if 1st def. gets beat and 2nd def. becomes 1st
*  If opponents "switch", can move to become 1st defender
*  Hardest to do too easy to get pulled into going after ball
*  Compression Move all players up the field as far as possible make space opponents are playing in
smaller and more congested so can regain possession
Transition You behave differently on OFFENSE than you do on DEFENSE when the ball
changes "hands" (actually, feet), you have to instantly change mindsets!
Whenever possible, defenders should run backwards (back pedal) so they can:
*  Maintain a full view of the field
*  Stay between ball and own goal
Offense OR Defense ALWAYS know where everything is on the field (ball, teammates, opponents, goals, lines)
NEVER turn your back on the ball!
Whenever you pass/shoot, always FOLLOW your pass/shot!
Principles of Offense "You can't score if you don't have the ball" (see Defense)
*  Penetrate (1st Attacker - has the ball) MOVE THE BALL UP THE FIELD
    -  Questions to ask, in this sequence:
        *  Can I shoot? If yes, then do it!
        *  Can I dribble forward or beat opponent? If yes, then do it!  (go WIDE and then "switch" the ball or "cross" for a shot on goal)
            -  "beat" option is usually "1 v 1" *  Try not to dribble right up the middle and/or try not to take on 2 or 3 opponents
        *  Can I pass? If yes, then do it!  (probably most frequent, and best, option)
    -  If can't penetrate, POSSESS Keep ball and reverse/spin to space
    -  Sometimes, best penetration is to DROP Reverse direction, send ball backwards, create new opportunity to advance
*  Support (2nd Attacker - w/out ball) Can be several of these - goal is to be OPEN TO RECEIVE PASS by MAKING RUNS
    -  Scissors Run Support runs between defender & teammate w/ ball defender has to choose
    -  Overlapping Run ("hold, hold") Support runs around behind teammate, who passes as Support runs by other side
    -  Blind Run Support runs behind defender & defender is briefly between 1st & 2nd attackers
    -  Wall pass (give and go, "One:Two") Pass to teammate who immediately passes back to you as you make a run
    -  Take over ("leave it") One player "leaves" ball for a teammate running towards him - we haven't taught this!
When supporting, if too close, move away!  If too far, move closer!
*  Mobility MOVE get open (& receive "open" - receive ball across your body on "back" foot)
*  Balance (3rd Attacker - also w/out ball) Several of these, too - Not immediate target for pass but "Support for Support"!
* Classic "shape" is DIAMOND - 1 up, 1 back and 2 out wide
*  All should be working to find, or be, the 3RD MAN
*  Width Use all space on the field to "spread the defense" - if clustered, easy to defend
*  Control Maintain POSSESSION!
When "carrying" the ball, go WIDE and then switch or cross to the midd